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Greenstyle PSB Flounce Swimsuit

I’ve been making the Greenstyle Power Sports Bra for about a year now and have already used it as a swimsuit top for myself and also for Solana, my 16 year old. She especially loves the support of the PSB because it never shifts out of place when doing cannon balls or playing water volleyball. But Solana also wanted a flounce to provide the added modesty that she prefers to feel confident. I made this and it’s an instant favorite swimsuit!
In this post I’ll show you just how easy it is to create your own flounce front for the Greenstyle Power Sports Bra!

In order to create this cute flounce pattern piece all you need is:
PSB Pattern Front Piece
Extra Paper

  1. Start by tracing the front part of your PSB. Keep in mind that the PSB is shaped to conform to your body so it may be a little wonky. But do your best to accuratly trace the neckline, armcye, side seam, and width.
    Mine was a little funky just below the shoulder edge and I had a bit of fabric to trim off during construction but that’s ok.
  2. Add your desired length. I added 2″ at the center and 1″ at the side seam. Note: the edge of the 1″ will be trimmed in step 7 so that the flounce can be sewn into the side seam.
trim up the side seam so the flounce can be sewn into the bra side seam

Slash and Spread

3. Draw Vertical Lines (orange lines shown) where width will be added.

4. Cut from the bottom of each vertical line ALMOST to the top. Leave a small bit uncut at the top.

5. Spread each of your cuts and secure with tape.
Note: The more cuts you make and the wider you spread your pieces = the more flounce you’ll create. For reference I made 7 cuts and spread each cut 1″. You can make a practice flounce and hold it up to your body to see if you want more or less flounce.

Smooth outer edges by trimming extra paper

6. At This point you want to neaten up all the edges (above) and then

7. trim up the side seam to make sure it can be sewn into the side seam of your bra. Do this by marking 3/8″ up from the original length and drawing a smooth curve to the new bottom.

And that, my friends, is how you create your own flounce pattern piece.

You will follow the PSB tutorial to create the Front Piece (Steps 1 & 2) and then baste your self-drafted Flounce to the Front Piece*. To do this, Lay the Front Piece Right side up on your work surface. Then lay the Flounce Right side up on top of it. Baste along all the edges except the bottom edge. You will now follow the remainder of the tutorial treating your new Front piece with Flounce as one.
*Note: Do this before you begin the lining.

I didn’t take pictures during construction but it really is all the same. Just make sure you trimmed the Flounce sideseam (Step 7 above) so that your flounce is out of the way when you attach the band.

The swimsuit bottoms are an older pattern that I can’t recommend but I believe you can find similar styles from Petite Stitchery, Rad Patterns, or Patterns for Pirates.

The fabric came from my stash but originally purchased from Seweird Fabric in 2019. It’s not listed on the site now but she does have lots of other swim knits at reasonable prices to choose from if you’re wanting to browse a good selection.

What do you think? Do you want to add a flounce to your PSB now? I hope you do! Drop me a note or link or tag me on Instagram. I’d love to see that you tried this hack!

This post may contain affiliate links. Using these links costs you nothing but you receive great thanks from me as a small percentage of your purchase comes to me as commission for sharing my creations using fabric and patterns from the linked company.

Published by Cynthia Hendrickson

I love to sew! Self-taught as an adult it quickly became my favorite pastime and source of self-love. Testing patterns and fabric keep me motivated. Hacking Patterns and Up-cycles breathe life into my Sewjo.

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